Outside our coverage area? Not to worry many caregivers are willing to relocate for live in work. If you are in another state please call us if you need a full time live in caregiver, either we will find you a caregiver who works with us or at the minimum we can help with our experience. For $100 we will personally call you, provide you with invaluable information and a plan of care. We can save you thousands of dollars and insure you have better care. Please don’t hesitate simply email us your contact info, and we will respond immediately to your needs.

Included in our Assessment, Plan of Care and Consultation:

1. Plan of care immediately over the phone.

2. Explain what to look for in a caregiver’s reference.

3. Teach you how to screen and run background checks on a caregiver.

4. Coach you on how to interview a potential caregiver.

5. Coach you on how to choose agency and what questions to ask that potential agency.

6. Help you find reputable agencies in your area.

7. Help you understand how to work with your social worker or discharge planner.

8. Help you to understand why people choose different types of payment options.

9. Help you understand how to protect yourself with workers compensation.

10. Help you understand how to protect yourself with general liability.

11. Help you to understand how to work with insurance.

12. Cover the differences live in and hourly care.