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COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccination for Healthcare Workers

It is best to book your appointment when you are not Scheduled for work (some caregivers are reporting not feeling well, headaches, fever, chills for a day or two)

If you need a letter of registration, you can contact a virtual nurse by texting a request on the caregiver texting line.

Going Early is highly recommend. Caregivers are describing the lines as unbelievably long.

Requirement to bring with you. A copy of a picture ID, CA drivers license, passport, CA ID.

Your HCA-ID or a print out from the government website of a search of your name and license. Signed letter from an Agency, that you are working as a caregiver.

One you make an appointment

You will either receive an email telling what location you are going to have to go to, or you will be put on a waiting list. You don’t get to choose the location, they will assign it to you.