Affordable Care Providers Inc

What We Offer

In-home Care Services for you or your loved ones.

What is In-home care?

Professional Support that allows you to stay in your home.
Aging and living independently means doing everything on your own and in home care services can help you manage your daily living task with the help of our Care Provider.

What's a Care Provider?

A Care Provider is responsible for the Health and Well Being of a person, mostly an elderly loved one who needs help and care in and out of the house because of an illness, an injury, an issue with mobility, intermittent memory loss, or chronic conditions that makes the everyday task difficult to accomplish.

What do they do and the services that we offer?

Assist with basic needs.

Memory and mobility issues can make activities of daily living (ADLs) — such as eating, bathing, grooming, and toileting — difficult to perform without a Care Provider. Check for signs and changes to determine if your loved one needs extra help.

Light Housekeeping

As your loved one ages, maintaining a home can become increasingly difficult. Simple cleaning tasks such as doing the dishes, vacuuming, or taking out the trash can be some of the Care Provider’s responsibilities.

Medication Reminder

Tracking and drinking medication on time is very important. Older adults often take several prescription medications to treat chronic conditions. Your loved one may need help keeping track of their medication list, understanding drug interactions, and taking prescribed dosages at the right time.

Meal Preparation

When your loved one lives alone, preparing or cooking meals can become a difficult task and might discourage them to eat proper meals. This will result to low energy and weakness in older adults.

The Care Providers can help with shopping for groceries, preparing meals to make sure your loved one gets proper nutrition.

Help with Personal Hygiene

As you age, mobility is one of the challenges older adults faces with their daily living. Going to the bathroom for example, while using a walker or wheelchair is almost impossible to do without any help. The Care Providers can help you maintain your daily personal hygiene such as bathing, going to the toilet, and making sure that you don’t lose your balance while doing this task.


Moving around the house can be a challenge when you are on a walker or when you are using a wheelchair or recovering from an injury. You’re at risk of falling if you have no one to help you.

Most of our Care Providers are trained with walking devices and they can assist you and make sure that you are safe from falling due to imbalance or weakness.

Transportation and Companionship

Aside from medication, a health check-up for an older adult is also one of the key preventive measures to make sure that your loved ones are always healthy. The Care Providers can accompany or drive your loved ones to the doctor’s appointments or to the rehabilitation facility if they are going through physical therapy.

The Care Providers can also help with exercising such as walking or stretching to keep your loved ones active and strong.

They can run errands such as buying groceries or paying bills.

Our team of Care Liaisons checks in with our clients and Care Providers to make sure that the relationship is going well.

They provide patient updates to keep everyone informed and up to date with the ongoing care with our clients.