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Care Liaisons assigned to each client and their family.

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Most hourly Care Provider Service drive, live in Care Provider Service generally do not drive although they typically have someone drop them off and pick them up and can usually handle the grocery shopping for the client. Live in Care Providers who drive are rare and in demand, they usually request an extra $20 per day because they are a live in driver.

Also, most Care Provider Service are requesting $1/mile for mileage if they are driving their own vehicle.

Clients Pre-Requisites for Care Provider Service:

(Examples: Driving Care Provider, Care Provider experienced with Uber, Care Provider required to fill out paperwork, Care Provider who speaks Spanish etc.)

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(LTC is different than medical insurance, unfortunately, medical insurance doesn’t usually cover Care Providers, this is why we try to be affordable, and for most client this is out of pocket expense. Long Term Care insurance is typically sold by a Life insurance agent).

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Debit Card, Check/Electronic Check, Electronic Fund Transfer(Zelle)

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