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Hospital Discharge

Patient discharging from a Hospital or Nursing Facility

A patient gets discharged when he or she no longer needs a high medical attention provided by the hospital health workers and congruent to the doctor’s order, the patient is provided with a discharge plan, tools and support to be able to transitioned to another care setting.

The transition of care is very critical to the patient. Study shows that a successful care planning has a high impact on the patient’s recovery and health after hospitalization.

However, the process can also be enervating to both patient and their family but with the proper discharge planning and with the help of a medical social worker, they will provide the fundamental action plan and resources available which is the road mad to help the patient in their journey towards recovery.

Our agency works together with hospitals and nursing facilities located in south orange county to help their patients who will require in-home care services. We make sure that our agency is reliable in providing Care Providers just in time before the discharge date to avoid delays in bringing your loved ones home.

Let’s Work Together

Our agency’s call to action is to make it easier for patients to have the support system that they need for in-home services, to regularly communicate with Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospitals and Medical Groups.

You can also download our brochures for patient referrals.

Let’s Work Together

After hospitalization or rehabilitation, older adults require care support at home while recovering from an operation, rehab, or hospitalization due to a fall or injury. One struggle that a patient or family faces are looking for the right Homecare Agency.

Communication is one of our key approaches to making sure that our clients will have the coverage that they need for in-home care services.

Our public relations team calls social workers and Case Managers to keep them up to date with our Care Provider’s availability.

They provide patient updates as well once the family or the patient communicates with us and decides to hire one of our Care Provider’s.

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