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Ramises Gica, Buena ParkLive Out

Experience: 4 yrs    Age: 54 yrs old

Ramises is a 54 yo Male Registered Caregiver with 4 years experience in Caregiving. He is fluent in English and he graduated his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the Philippines at Capitol University. Caregiver Ramises worked as a Nurse in different Countries like Philippines, Singapore and UAE for 24 years. He currently resides in Buena Park and he is registered in the state of California. He is a driving caregiver with own means of transportation and with valid Driver’s License.
During his years as a caregiver he experienced and received training for the following:
Physical/ROM Exercises
Hospice Care
Incontinence Care
Post Surgery Care
Catheter Care
Colostomy Care
Hoyer lift, Walker, Wheelchair, and ADLs

Available Schedule

Live Out; 7 Days


  • ✅ HCA-ID
  • ✅ Finger Printed
  • ✅ Driving
  • ✅ College Degree Holder
  • ✅ State Licensed


  • ✅ Light Housekeeping
  • ✅ Medication Reminder
  • ✅ Meal Preparation
  • ✅ Help with personal hygiene
  • ✅ Help with mobility
  • ✅ Transportation
  • ✅ Companionship
  • ✅ Reporting and Monitoring